Madalyn Parker

Computer Science and Chinese

Computer Science Courses

I have truly enjoyed my computer science courses at MSU. Here are the electives I have chosen to take:

Computer Networks -- Fall 2012

This course's programming assignments included writing a server-client game, a proxy, and a master-slave server-client relationship using a proxy

Software Engineering -- Fall 2012

This course focused on the process of software development, including a large project with an industry client designing and prototyping an embedded system for the automotive industry.

Android Mobile Development -- Spring 2013

This course focused on mobile development with Android, starting with a simple puzzle application and building up to client-server applications.

Database Backed Web Design -- Spring 2013

This course focused on dynamic generation of web pages utilizing Python. It also focused heavily on usage of git through github and testing via automated tests.

Translation of Programming Languages -- Fall 2013

This course focused on compiling programming languages down to machine language. For this course, this was accomplished using Flex and Bison.

Collaborative Design -- Fall 2013

This course provided real world experience, as an internship would. My team worked to develop a mobile application for GM that uses augmented reality and image recognition to innovatively advertise their vehicles.


I have completed three years (six semesters) of Chinese language courses through MSU. My second year of courses was actually accomplished in a 9-week-long study abroad program to Tianjin, China. Here, I communicated with Chinese and English-speaking people in academic and relaxed settings using both Chinese and English to convey meaning. I also enhanced my understanding of Chinese culture by comparing Chinese and American customs, and discussing their differences with Chinese locals.